Chicago’s Bailiff rocks Taste of Chicago, converts more fans

Josh Siegel of Bailiff. Photo by Zurina Ketola.

If the album Chicago indie band Bailiff is working on is anything like their set Saturday at the Taste of Chicago, music lovers will be in for something special.

It’s been three years now since they dropped their last album, (they did release a 7-inch last year), and since their 2014 sophomore effort “Remise,” they have gotten a new bassist — Brian Weakly, who fits in well with Josh Siegel and Ren Mathew to complete the trio.

On Saturday, as they often do at their live shows, they had a fourth, enlisting Joe Swierpski to play rhythm guitar and keyboards.


Bailiff at Taste of Chicago. Photo by Zurina Ketola.


The crowd in front of the Bud Light stage seemed to be comprised of loyal fans who have been following the band since guitarist and lead singer Siegel found drummer Mathew in 2007 by posting a Craigslist ad asking “Do you hear Muddy Waters in between the notes on the White album?”

Mathew and Siegel definitely do and have been able to keep their sound consistent throughout the band’s existence, getting better and better every year and converting more fans along the way. That seemed to be the case Saturday as several who had never heard the band got out of nearby food lines to get closer to the band, putting off their hunger to hear what one woman described as “groovy and badass.”

They opened with the song that may best epitomize the band — “In the Reverie”, off their 2011 debut Red Balloon and Siegel, decked out in black jeans and a black jean jacket on a humid day, seemed the be the only person who didn’t break a sweat.

They continued the hour-long, 11-song set with “Love Like Mine,” the anti-war “Helicopter,” “Curtains,” “Lookin’ Away,” along with a few new songs off the new album that Seigel said should be out in the fall. Additionally in the fall, anticipate more concert dates from Bailiff. When they are announced, do yourself a favor and clear your schedule.

-Bob Chiarito

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