Daniel Martin Moore Brings Golden Age from the Commonwealth to the Windy City

Photo by Viki Gonia.

A concert review. By James Clarke

Daniel Martin Moore at Schuba's. Photo by Viki Gonia.

Daniel Martin Moore at Schuba’s. Photo by Viki Gonia.

Kentucky singer-songwriter Daniel Martin Moore played an eclectic set Tuesday night at Schuba’s in support of his recently released album Golden Age (Sofaburn Records). Moore and band mates Alex Smith-bass; Dave Givan-drums; and Dan Dorff, Jr.-keyboards, played a career retrospective set including his week old Christmas contribution “It’s Christmas” and several covers.

The set began with “Stray Age”, the title song of his 2008 debut and moved on to the soulful “Our Hearts Will Hover”—the first of many Golden Age selections including “On Our Way Home”; “In Common Time”; and “To Make it True”—one of Moore’s oldest songs, finally making it onto an album. Moore traded guitar for microphone on “How it Fades” and replaced Dorff at piano for title song “Golden Age”.
“Something, Somewhere, Sometime” and “Fly Rock Blues” represented 2010’s Dear Companion collaboration with fellow Kentuckian Ben Sollee.

Daniel Martin Moore at Schuba's.

Daniel Martin Moore and bandmates at Schuba’s. Photo by Viki Gonia.

Several covers made their way into the set. “Time Has Told Me”-The opening song to Nick Drake’s debut Five Leaves Left and a dedication of “Spanish is the Loving Tongue”, a song inspired by the Charles Badger Clark poem “A Border Affair” and performed over the years by Bob Dylan, Liam Clancy and Emmylou Harris.
From the subtle to the soulful to the stage shaking closer “Proud as We Are”, Moore and band pleased the Schuba’s faithful.

Daniel Martin Moore is scheduled to play Hank Holiday Party at Cincinnati’s Herzog Studios on Dec. 19th.

To read our recent interview with Daniel Martin Moore, click here.


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